Saturday, March 5, 2011

So, on to Henderson, Hoover Day, and Lake Mead

See the men clinging to the work in the air?

This is a nice web site for the City of Henderson
If I were ever to live in a nice community in Nevada, Henderson would be among the top of my list. Sunny, quiet, clean... sunny.... (I like the sun better than cold cloudy days). Henderson is close to Lake Mead, (which was an eye-opener... when we finally saw it).... and the fantastic Hoover Dam. They were in the gigantic process of making the new highway over the dam when we drove through there. That project was a REAL "turkey-necker". But I got a few neat pictures.

As we drove through town toward Lake Mead, I could hardly believe my eyes. The water level was very low and there were no trees, or anything that looked inviting. I guess by the time water from the tributaries that feed into Lake Mead, was diverted for other projects, the inflow into the Lake is greatly diminished. What a horrible shame. The town is so inviting and pretty..... I almost could live there....

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