Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grand Canyon to Kingman and Surprise and Phoenix City

We stayed in a nice motel in Kingman and liked it. The next day we drove on to Phoenix, .... but to our surprise and delight we passed through the Town of Surprise on the outskirts of Phoenix. Our daughter called and said she was tracking us on her map, and wondered if we had seen Surprise yet. I laughed and said Yes, as a matter of fact we had just driven through it.

We fell in love with the beautiful city of Phoenix. Hospitality was great there, no matter where we went. We visited the University campus, toured the Doll Museum, the Firefighters Museum, and the Police Museum. My husband is a retired policeman with BPD and so he loved seeing these. Driving through Phoenix (off the freeway, of course) we found lots of beautiful surroundings, plus the usual casual living areas in the downtown part.

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Jesse Overman said...

Grandpa looks so happy that he is getting his picture taken! ;)