Monday, December 10, 2012

While sketching in our quarter acre of gardens in Boise, I found this bird's nest. Probably from a robin. There were lots of them in the old loctus and pine and spruce and walnut trees in the yards.
One interesting thing that happened in that gorgeous yard, birds of all sorts were attracted. We had squirrels hopping around while the robins happily pulled big fat worms out of the grass, momma ducks strutted confidently in front of their little flock of babies. The flood irrigation that we did over the front and back yards were a magnet for them all. I loved sitting in my old chair contentedly sketching while all this activity was happening. From my secret gardens at the very back of the yard, I could observe so many wonderful things. Ducks loved to swim in the flooded yard, and the squirrels loved scurrying around looking for treasures.

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